Zolatone 'Classics' Price Guide

Estimated installation cost per square metre

Product Range Small Projects Less than 150m2 Medium Projects Less than 150m2 – 500m2 Large Projects Over 500m2
Classics $28 - $45 $25 - $35 $22 - $25


  • Based on 2011 pricing
  • Assumes typical wall preparation on new gypsum based wallboard or similar, eg. Gyprock
  • Narrow widths will increase the above rates
  • Exclude GST
  • Rates will vary from region to region, city to city
  • Rates are for budget purposes only

Maintenance Cost Information

In high wear, high traffic facilities the costs to maintain wall areas over time is generally accepted to be significantly less than 20% of typical expenditure on painted walls. Typical facilities that usually benefit from these direct savings are:

Hospitals; hotels; airports; convention centres; universities; military establishments; hostels/dormitories.

Indirect savings are additional to the above (e.g. higher room occupancy, less business interruption).

Please contact us on 1800 103 338 (AUS), +61 411 327 564 (Worldwide) or email info@zoneranges.com for clarification of rates for your project.

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