Zolatone Product Benefits

Very durable: Able to stand misuse and abuse, particularly in high traffic areas as Zolatone has over 3 times thicker dry film build (dft) than typical interior coatings – 3180 scrubs to ASTM D-2486

Spot repairable: Damage can be rectified with an invisible mend easily and quickly using battery powered portable spray equipment – perfect for large walls in high traffic areas

Lower maintenance costs: Future wall maintenance costs are lower and are more predictable, once Zolatone has been applied – ideal for accurate maintenance budgets

Covers virtually any substrate or surface: No costly stripping of vinyl’s or Formica and provides minimal wall preparation in many instances

Excellent early fire hazard ratings: Ideal for un-sprinklered buildings

Wall preparation: Zolatone can be applied to a level 4 finish wall, saving money on preparation

Unique hiding characteristics: Hides minor surface abrasions and substrate imperfections due to multicolour visual texture

Low VOC’S: Virtually no odour and touch dry in one hour. Usable in occupied spaces including hospitals. VOC’s are less than 60 g/l (grams per litre)

Permeable: Zolatone ‘breathes’ – tested to achieve from 7.5 to 11.4 perms

Longer life cycle: Leads to more flexibility in deciding when to redecorate

Washable and scrubbable: Easy for cleaners to clean and look after with standard products that will lift away most stains. Tested to ASTM D-1308

Bacterial Inhibition: Inhibits mildew bacteria and fungal growth

Flexible: No cracking or checking when bent around 1/8” mandrel

Aesthetics: Looks great, from commercial interiors to feature walls. (Used in top class hotels, hospitals, airports, schools and specialty venues)

Investment: Investing in a proven product with a long established supplier and manufacturer

Easy Installation: Can be installed By any tradesman painter using standard airless spray equipment

Made locally: Readily available when needed by painting contractor or maintenance team

For complete product data sheets, guide specs, compliance and MSDS contact ZONE, Tel 1800 103 338 (AUS), +61 411 327 564 (Worldwide) , or email info@zoneranges.com

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