Zolatone 'Classics' Water Based Multicolour Interior Finishes

The remarkable seamless, wall finish, that outperforms all others for long life, low cost maintenance, fire retardancy, repairability and beauty.

The solution to every wall covering application

Zolatone’s exclusive process has properties that make it different in the way it looks, feels and functions from any other wall finish on the market today. Different to traditional paint or varnish and vinyl wallcovering. In fact, Zolatone’s revolutionary finish has such special characteristics, it outperforms all other finishes in providing long life, low cost maintenance, fire safety, ease of repairing and resistance to marks, stains or mould growth. On virtually any interior wall, Zolatone outperforms and outlasts all options.

The technology behind Zolatone

The technology behind the Zolatone process is contained within an exclusive formula of synthetic resins and pigmented colour particles, suspended in a waterbased solution. It is ready to use right out of the container. The coating is spray applied by tradesmen painter applicators using airless spray equipment. The real technical advantages are the surprising performance, durability and versatility of Zolatone.

Fire safety, bacteria proof, washable

Zolatone has been tested by a Telarc Registered laboratory and complies with requirements for fire hazard ratings. The coating can be used with assurance in corridors and access ways in non-sprinklered buildings. Any Zolatone protected wall can be washed or scrubbed, without impairing the finish or it’s resistance to the spread of bacteria and mould. Consequently, it is ideally suited for extensive wall areas, corridors, lecture theatres, stairwells, lobbies, bathrooms and residential accommodation.

Colour Selection

We have a range of colours which all offer the unique Zolatone characteristics and performance, while our colour selection is regularly reviewed to keep pace with contemporary design requirements, existing colours are never deleted. The colour numbers are the recipe to make them again and again, which means matching and maintaining existing areas is very easy and straight forward

What makes Zolatone worth more and cost less?

With constant pressure to balance investment between equipment, staff and buildings, there is continual scrutinising of building material alternatives for the most cost effective solution. The Zolatone system is designed to provide a long term, cost effective solution to wall surfaces, particularly those that are subjected to high wear and tear. Our coating is much harder and thicker than traditional paint and can be cost-effectively spot repaired without having to re-coat entire walls. As a result, it can be kept looking smart and presentable long after other materials have faded and worn.

Lasts longer

Zolatone is designed to last 10 years and longer without depreciation in tone or texture. The advantages of the seamless Zolatone finish over vinyl wallcoverings should also be considered. Vinyls are difficult to clean, susceptible to peeling and tearing, or lifting. With Zolatone, you get the same visual integrity of vinyl cloth, while eliminating the costly problems of matching seams, repair of damaged sections and installation.

Unmatched repairability

When it comes to repairing or matching, Zolatone leads the field. Because of its unique formulation, repairs can be made quickly and effectively by creating an “invisible mend”. This camouflaging feature eliminates the need for repainting an entire wall, or trying to source the original vinyl pattern and shade, which is why Zolatone finishes always look smart after many years in service.

Where has Zolatone been used?

Zolatone has been in constant service since the 1950’s across a broad spectrum of environments including healthcare, hospitality, education and even residential interiors, across international boundaries, from the Harvard School of Medicine to Geelong Hospital. All with outstanding results.

The Zolatone System is so versatile it can transform virtually any surface including old varnished timber, old Formica, vinyl or paint, metal, concrete block and even ceramic tiles. And, of course, it is a breeze over new surfaces such as plasterboard (Gyprock) and Villa Board.

Service the Zolatone Way

Our toll free numbers listed below, are your entry to a service package at the forefront of building materials supply and installation. We are able to arrange quotations and colour samples, as well as Quality Assurance checks. And because we are so confident of Zolatone’s ability to perform, each registered project is entitled to a free spot repair at the end of the first year in service.

These are some very strong reasons for specifying Zolatone. Make us part of your next new building or refurbishment project.

For complete product data sheets, guide specs, compliance and MSDS contact ZONE, Tel 1800 103 338 (AUS), +61 411 327 564 (Worldwide) , or email info@zoneranges.com

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